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Free Anime, Torrent-Free and Full Speed

Free anime streaming app for Android, without any torrents involved. Discover, stream, and enjoy your favorite anime series and movies effortlessly.
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Main Features

settings_input_antenna Schedule
Find current season anime, conveniently ordered, with local times of emission.
favorite Favorites
Keep track of the shows you like; add them to your favorites and find them later easily.
library_books Huge Library
New and old alike, we have a huge collection of anime, provided by trusted community anime subs groups.
lock Secure
Open source, torrent-free, no web lurkers, encrypted where possible.
high_quality High Quality
Watch anime in sharp, high definition. Or watch it in blurry, low definition to save data. It's your choice, not ours.

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Nerdy Details

cloud_download How are the shows downloaded?

The Kaizoyu App is, technically, a client for a protocol called "XDCC" (eXtended DCC). This protocol uses "IRC" (Internet Relay Chat) to handshake with the download bot inside the Rizon network. Said bot is controlled by popular anime subs groups, like SubsPlease, and provides the client (you) with a DCC packet to start the download. Therefore, all files downloaded by the app are high quality encodes provided by trusted, community driven groups.

For this reason, the Kaizoyu App doesn't need to rely on torrent or web scraping.

policy How safe is it?

All the process from searching, to handshaking the server is encrypted. The only unencrypted part is the actual download, as "XDCC" is an unencrypted, unprotected protocol by design. Still, we believe this won't pose a security threat to the end user, as the source of the download is trusted, and the download process doesn't upload or share any data with other users, unlike torrent, and it doesn't visit "pirate" anime sites to search for sources either.

Therefore, we consider the process to be remarkably safe. Although, some technical innovations in the field of XDCC could be possible to provide full end-to-end encryption. Maybe we could make it happen?

manage_search Why are some shows missing?

Some of them may not be available at the sources, and some of them may not be correctly linked with their corresponding download files. Due to the nature of XDCC, we cannot be 100% sure you're getting the show you asked for, as differences in title from online databases to media databases make it impossible to automate this process. Still, we believe we make available a pretty big library of shows, and we're actively working on improving the catalog. Read below.

groups What does the Kaizo Team offer of value?

Aside from developing the Kaizoyu App, we currently offer improvements for it based on cloud hosted online services, fully controlled and developed by us. We call these "KaizoServices". These improvements already include a smart search enhancer, a result filter, a pre-fetched up-to-date seasonal anime schedule, and more planned to come. These services are tightly integrated in the app already, and are active by default. We don't actively keep any user data, aside from IP and time of connection due to how our tech stack operates.

KaizoServices are currently closed source, but all interchanges of data can be evidenced through the code of the Kaizoyu App. No funny business, only weeb business.

Everything Else

link Links

Join our empty Discord, check our non-existing socials, or donate your lunch money to us here.

rocket_launch Planned Features

Stuff we plan to develop for, and add some day. Check the Kaizoyu development GitHub project for more details.
  • Resume player from timestamp. * Important
  • Server side home recommendations.
  • Download episodes.
  • Play downloaded episodes in app.
  • Different lists, ex: "Favorites", "Want to watch", "Watched", etc.
  • Support Android TV as a first class platform.
  • Report system for missing / not playable shows.
  • * Highly experimental stuff below this point *
  • "Kaizoyu Web" XDCC player proof of concept, with host companion app.
  • Remote watch together, sync player with friends across the globe.
  • Local watch together, sync player with friends locally by sharing video data through nearby transfer mechanisms.